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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is commonly referred to as an art and science, which I must agree with. You are working against the continually changing algorithms of search engines such as Google in the hope of outranking your competitors. However, this is not to say with a little investment of time and patience you cannot successfully boost your ranking. SEO is a powerful tool and when implemented correctly can significantly amplify your organic traffic.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you have ever searched for something on Google, there is a good chance you have come across PPC. These are the ads that make up the first part of your search result. The term PPC can technically be applied to any paid ads such as those on social media platforms. Although, more commonly it is about Google Ads. The idea behind PPC is to outrank your competitors based on keywords. There are two main forms of keywords, short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. Each form of keyword plays an important role in where you rank in a search result.


Social Media Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, there is no greater beast than social media. The major platforms in 2021 include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Each has its own way of doing things and value proposition. Both are important factors to consider when choosing which ones to use. The beauty of social media marketing is it allows you to connect with your target audience on a far more personal level. This can build your brand, increase sales, and drive traffic.


Content Marketing

The one key denominator shared between almost all digital marketing strategies, is content. It goes without saying that without valuable, relevant and consistent content you are going to fail in attracting and retaining your target audience. This is where content marketing comes into play. Having a solid content marketing strategy, you are making it easier to incorporate other strategies. Furthermore, it shows your consideration of the needs and wants of your target audience. Which in turn, results in increased sales, cost savings, and customer loyalty.


Mobile Marketing

In a world where people spend a large portion of their waking life behind a mobile device, you can quickly recognise the importance of mobile marketing. The goal of mobile marketing is to optimise the marketing experience for mobile devices. Such devices include smartphones, tablets and other handheld equivalents. The school of thought has changed from creating for the desktop and optimising for mobile, to creating for the mobile and optimising for desktop. This includes, but is not limited to websites, content and advertising.


Email Marketing

Ever since its inception, email marketing has been highly underrated and looked upon as a means to spam. Although to some extent this is still the case, nothing can take away its power. When used correctly it beautifully complements your overall digital marketing strategy. If you have not already started growing an email list, this is your cue to do so. An email list is a dataset that enables email marketing to execute its predetermined tasks. Without an email list, you simply cannot take advantage of email marketing.

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