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Your website is like any other business asset, in that it requires regular maintenance to perform at its best.

Whether you have an old website that needs a refresh, a new website you are not happy with or you just require regular maintenance – Strologo Interactive has something for all your Website Maintenance needs.

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Standard inclusions, for your peace of mind.

WordPress Updates

WordPress is an ever-evolving platform. Regular updates are pushed out, but by default are not installed. Ensure your site receives the latest WordPress Updates for increased security and performance.

Plugin Updates

Plugins are one of the main culprits when a website starts to have issues. Rest assured in knowing only compatible updates will be installed, dramatically reducing unnecessary downtime.

Regular Backups

There are many factors that keep your website up and running. There are circumstances that can arise, that are out of your control. However, when your site is backed up, reinstating it is a whole lot easier.

Performance Testing

The performance of your website greatly impacts conversion. Testing the various functions of your website, identifying issues, and fixing them means your customer has a problem-free experience.

Uptime Monitoring

Websites can go down for several reasons. On some occasions, it does not come back up without human intervention. Through alert-based monitoring, this issue is eliminated.

Powerful Platforms

Some of the tools we use, to supercharge your business.

Websites Experience

The elements of a perfect website, all in one place.


Build your authority and show your customers you are leaders in your field.

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Website Design

Stand out from the noise and give your customers the experience they deserve.

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Website Development

Provide your customers with a unique experience to flow through and convert.

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Give your website a fast and reliable foundation without any compromises.

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Domain Names

Be on brand and identifiable across all your digital marketing activities.

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