Hosting Perth

Do not settle for a slow website.

When someone lands on your website, the time it takes for the page to load has a lot to do with the server pushing that request.

Poor hosting can be the difference between someone staying on your website or leaving it for a competitor – Strologo Interactive offer Hosting catered to your needs, so you do not have to worry about what could have been.

Get Started with Strologo Interactive today and experience the future of Digital Marketing.

Everything Covered

Standard inclusions, for your peace of mind.

100% Uptime

Your website is no good to anyone if it is unreachable. Our servers are always up, so you can focus on what you do best. Providing the best products and services to your customers.

SSL Certificate

Put simply, SSL is a technology used to safeguard the transfer of data on your website. It allows a server and a browser to communicate securely. This establishes trust in your user and provides security to your assets.

Solid State Drives

The type of storage used by your hosting provider can dramatically affect the performance of your website. One of the most popular and performant storage options is solid-state storage. Providing your website with the foundation for further optimisation.

Unlimited Bandwidth

As your website gains more traffic, its ability to perform can degrade. This is usually due to bandwidth limitations. Not to worry, we offer unlimited, so you can have as much traffic as you want.

Control Panel

The backend of your website can get complicated, but we make it easy. Manage your entire backend without the need for third-party help, but know we are here if stuck along the way.

Powerful Platforms

Some of the tools we use, to supercharge your business.

Websites Experience

The elements of a perfect website, all in one place.


Build your authority and show your customers you are leaders in your field.

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Website Design

Stand out from the noise and give your customers the experience they deserve.

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Website Development

Provide your customers with a unique experience to flow through and convert.

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Domain Names

Be on brand and identifiable across all your digital marketing activities.

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Website Maintenance

Keep your website updated, backed up, and performing at its best.

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The Difference

How we separate ourselves from the competition.

On Brand

Know that your brand will remain in tack throughout the process.

On Budget

Transparency is vital, so there are no lock-in contracts or hidden T&Cs. 

On Time

We work closely with our clients to ensure deadlines are met.